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MoveMe is an exciting new group exercise programme for people with Parkinson’s led by an Oxford Health NHS Trust Physiotherapist from the Physical Disability Physiotherapy Service (PDPS) in partnership with Parkinsons.Me. It is based on the principles of an exercise programme called PD Warrior®


What is PD Warrior® Exercise?

PD Warrior® was developed by a group of physiotherapists in Australia, based on new research about exercise and Parkinson’s. PD Warrior® uses the principles of large amplitude training, and focus’s on the energy and force used in each exercise, as well as integrating the exercises into friendly group format. The physiotherapist leading MoveMe is an accredited PD Warrior® trainer.

Research has shown that large amplitude (big movements) and high effort exercise, done frequently can help the symptoms of PD. The idea is to recalibrate the brain’s concept of a “normal” sized movement, from the slow, small movements typically seen in PD.

The MoveMe class uses the principles above to provide a circuit-based exercise programme. All the exercises require high effort, big, strong movements which the evidence shows can be beneficial in improving neuronal plasticity and delay deterioration in symptoms.

Exercise is hard work and we aim for 8/10 effort on all the exercises, however the key is trying to incorporate these big movements into everyday life to really get the carryover from big exercise to big movement.

This is where the magic happens!

How do I join the class?

· Register via the Parkinsons.Me website

What happens then?

· To ensure the exercise is safe for you, you need to complete and return an exercise screening form before you come to the class. This will be sent to you when you register.

· You will need to be able to walk inside without using any walking aids over 10 metres. You need to do this in less than 10 seconds.

· Once your form has been screened you will be contacted to let you know you can attend the class

· Your personal data will be stored securely using the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust electronic patient record. You will need to consent to us securely holding this information about you.

· If the physiotherapist has concerns that you are unsafe they will discuss this with you and help you consider other exercise options.

Please get in touch with any questions, comments or concerns.




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