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Parkinsons.Me Community Garden

Located in West Lockinge, Oxfordshire, our garden represents the charity’s ultimate goal - providing essential support to those living with Parkinson’s Disease.


Every first Saturday of the month, generous volunteers come together to maintain and enhance the beauty of this tranquil oasis. As well as communal meeting spaces and picnic areas, there are pathways for reflection and plenty of room to cultivate fresh fruit and vegetables for health benefits.

All in all, the Parkinsons.Me garden is more than just a pleasant place to visit; it is a lasting testament to both the resilience of those fighting against Parkinson’s and the dedication of those helping them on their journey.

The garden will eventually have exercise equipment and opportunities for more physical training when digging the produce beds; areas for communal meetings and parties; space to rest and reflect on the beauty of the surroundings and plenty of room to grow the healthy fruit and vegetables that can make such a difference for people with Parkinson's.

From this in 24 months. Entirely with volunteer labour.

Read about how we built it in the Community Garden section of the blog.


We are very proud to have featured on an episode of the BBC programme Gardeners World in Sept 2019, and to have received several grants for our work, particularly from the Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment and the FCC Communities Foundation

Come and join us - we're often in the garden at the weekends and the space is there for everyone, and particularly the families of people affected by Parkinson's, to enjoy...


The dates for our regular Saturday garden sessions are on our Regular Events page. 


Did you know?

Many large organisations offer a volunteer day to staff. It’s a great opportunity to get out of the office and for your learning and development.

At the Parkinsons.Me Community garden we offer this opportunity and host corporate days where you literally get stuck in, get some fresh air and exercise, have some fun and really make a difference.


"I was really struck by the fact that one in 15 people get Parkinsons, and comments around the stigma (making it hard to find work, people thinking it’s an old person’s disease, etc). Also the point that you don’t die of it, you die with it. Also thought how powerful Norman sharing his experiences and talking about how it manifests differently for different people (not everyone has tremors), the value of movement, and how for both Parkinsons is a disease borne by the whole family, not just the one who is diagnosed.”

Victoria Gardner, Taylor & Francis


"The volunteer day was “energetic and enjoyable! I look forward to the next one! It’s nice to go back to the same place too as you can see progress, get to know the charity and feel a real part of it.”

Mark Heaver, Taylor & Francis


“The garden is such an amazing place to visit, but also to be a part of. There are many ways to support a charity, and it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to be so hands on and use our company volunteer day in a way that is so rewarding.”

Julie Sutton, Taylor & Francis

If you are interested and want to get involved email:

The garden is located on the edge of West Lockinge, a mile and half East of Wantage. It is tucked away at the bottom of a community woodland and accessed from a bridle path, but not too hard to find! If you use the app What3Words, you will be able to find the garden gate at arise.paler.gazed


Alternatively, please click on the image below to download our location map.

P.Me map.jpg
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