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Are you newly diagnosed?

There are no easy words of advice or reassurance that make sense when you've just been diagnosed with a condition like Parkinson's.

What we do have are the stories of people who've been just where you are today, and how they've coped and adjusted their lives in response to the diagnosis. We hope these stories help you...

Ewan's  story

Our founder, Ewan Stutt, was diagnosed aged 41 in 2013. In this video, he talks about the daily frustrations of living with Parkinson's...

Karen's  story

Karen Rose was 34 when she first noticed symptoms of Parkinson's. Watch her story here...

Source: NHS choices

Andy's story

Here, former Canadian radio presenter Andy Barrie talks about his experience of Parkinson's 

Source: Ontario Brain Institute

Tom's story

A detailed interview with the late and much missed Tom Isaac's about his experience of Parkinson's

Source: EPDA

We also have a link to a great website that has been developed by Simon Bishop to answer a lot of the questions that come up when you've just been diagnosed. We hope you find it useful - and thanks to Simon for sharing the link with us.

Please click on the image to go to the site...

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