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Useful books

There are some very useful books out there that can help children understand what Parkinson's is and how to live with it in a positive and supportive way - so we thought we'd make a list of them! We hope you find them helpful as you explore what Parkinson's means for you and your family. Please let us know if we've missed out anything that you have found useful and would be happy to share...

I'll hold your hand so you won't fall


Rasheed Ali, a tireless caregiver's advocate of Parkinson's patients and daughter of Mohammed Ali, has written a book for children and families. The purpose of the book is to address most commonly asked questions from children who may not understand why their loved ones with Parkinson's behave in certain ways. Written for adults to read to children, the book encourages dialogue using colourful illustrations, situations depicting symptoms, and interactive questions.

Available from Amazon

Monica, Mama, and the Ocotillo's Leaves


A book for children who love someone with Parkinson's or any chronic illness. Year after year, Monica and her Mama enjoy taking hikes in the desert near their home. Then one day Monica realizes that Mama is not having fun anymore. Mama notices it about herself too. The hill is too steep, and she cannot keep up with Monica. When Mama is finally diagnosed with Parkinson's, she discusses her condition with her daughter.

Available from Amazon

Shaky Hands - A kid's guide to Parkinson's


Written by someone with Parkinson’s in a clear style and appealing font, for young people (the author’s children are 10-13 years old - it might patronise those older). Good illustrations. Focuses on shaking as the main symptom of Parkinson’s.

Available on Amazon

Grandpa, what is Parkinson's? 


Hands that shake, feet that freeze mid-step and a face that rarely smiles...these are just some of the symptoms of Parkinson's that can be hard to understand for young children. Written with rhymes, a dash of humor and lots of love, this book is a story that a grandpa is telling to his great-grandsons about what it's like to live with Parkinson's. It helps to take some of the mystery away, and reminds us that Grandpa is still there, and still loves us, even as Parkinson's changes his body.

Available on Amazon 

Medikidz Explain Parkinson's 


A book that explains Parkinson's in graphic novel style. The main character is Alys a young female approximately 14 years old. The presentation is very colourful and dynamic. There is simple scientific explanation of the essential symptoms and the treatment.

Available on Amazon 

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