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'MR P' by Lester Gale

Thank you Lester for this brilliant poem inspired by MoveMe classes we run.

We gather together on Thursday

All of us come for a cause

Not just another keep-fit

To rattle through with no pause.

Fighting ‘gainst bad Mr P

He is an unwelcome guest

But we hold a special key.

For Thursdays we assemble

Together to have a play

For Thursday for one hour

Is bashing Mr P, day.

Our teacher kits us out

With scarves and theraband

Some balls complete the look

We are anything but bland.

We start by marching on the spot

But rhythm can avoid us

So we are not army standard

But the teacher makes no fuss.

Next is reaching for the sky

And throw the scarf in the air

I miss it all the time

So the scarf gets a glare.

Then we do our boxing workout

Time to give a lesson to Mr P

We jab, jab then uppercut

So Mr P do not mess with me.

Finally we sit on our chairs

And the ball between our legs does go

It’s all done to jolly music

Tho’ the passing does not flow.

Yet Mr P has had a thorough beating

And we are glad to have Jo

She is positive, a real gem

Ensuring we don’t go on a go-slow.

We applaud Jo’s musical taste

Mostly the 80’s to jig to

And when we have completed our task

Our face has turned a different hue.

So we and Jo have joined forces

To give Mr P the run around

We are in this together

And Move Me does resound!

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