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GPs should prescribe gardening, dancing and cookery, says the Health Secretary.

According to the NHS and the Health Secretary gardening and other 'hobbies' can be better for us than traditional medications.


With this in mind we wrapped up warm on Saturday morning and joined in the group activity at the Community Garden. A couple of hours later we'd met new people, exercised and further developed the sensory garden, multched the vegetable bed, weeded, cleared fallen leaves and even tided the shed!.

Looking over what the group had achieved on a cold January morning definitely felt good. The great outdoors had worked its magic again. During these cold, dark winter months group activity such as the gardening 'club' are vitally important. Anxiety, depression and loneliness can slowly creep in so its important to keep busy.

"The evidence increasingly shows that activities like social clubs, art, ballroom dancing and gardening can be more effective than medicines for some people and I want to see an increase in that sort of social prescribing [Matt Hancock]

Recently taken photos from the Community Garden.

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