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Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Everyone enjoys a different aspect of the community garden. For me, it has to be the social interactions with the constant stream of people and their dogs who visit the garden.  Chatting with a couple yesterday we covered everything from dahlias to chemotherapy. He had enjoyed the serenity of the space during his recent cancer treatment whilst his wife enjoyed the floral distractions. I share this with you as one of many examples of how the garden has engaged and continually benefits the wider community.


Anyway, moving on. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked ’when the garden will feature on Gardeners World’! Therefore I'm really pleased to announce that the program will be broadcast this Friday (September 27th) from 8 pm on BBC2. We really enjoyed the day spent with Adam and the crew back in May. It will be interesting to see how the garden has matured and changed in a relatively short period of time.

Now of course we are ordering bulbs, planting garlic and preparing for Winter. One eye on the calendar and the start of a new season, the first blooms of Spring. I wonder how many of the snowdrops will appear that we planted with the local school children?

Not forgetting this years harvest. We still have pumpkins to carve and corn to pick. Not forgetting all the fabulous Sunflower 🌻 seeds to roast. Thanks to the local Cubs for providing us with some very tall specimens.

The garden supports and mirrors the aims of Parkinsons.Me ie. Creating awareness of Parkinson’s, whilst promoting exercise and healthy eating. This year has been fantastic. I'm looking forward to developing the space further. Working alongside the volunteers and of course chatting with many more visitors. Please visit our Community Garden webpage for more information and a map of how to find us

See you soon.



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