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Dreaming of summer

It may be cold and wet outside but here at Parkinsons.Me we are planting broad beans in the community garden and dreaming of summer. Broad beans, lemon, garlic and mint whizzed into a pate or mixed with cubes of Feta cheese and made into a salad are a marriage of summer flavours made in heaven.


Broad beans or as they are also known Fava beans, are wonderful nutrient packed nuggets. They are a good source of protein and also contain complex carbohydrates - the carbohydrate that releases its sugars slowly so does not cause blood sugar highs. Broad beans are high in fibre, providing 5g per 100g of beans or just under 17% of the daily recommended intake. Fibre is important to gut health as it helps prevent constipation and also supports good gut bacteria. Broad beans are high in vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. B vitamins niacin, pantothenic acid and folate are particularly important in preventing fatigue as they are essential for releasing energy from food as well as the formation of red blood cells that transport oxygen around the body. Vitamin C, iron and zinc support the immune system, potassium is good for the heart and phosphorus for the bones. However vitamin C does not just ward off colds but is essential for collagen formation - the scaffolding for skin. Also essential for good skin health are niacin, iron and zinc, so not only are broad beans going to help keep you energised and your insides healthy but they are also going to keep you looking good too.

Fingers crossed for a good harvest!

Fibre - gut health, consipation

100g = 5g fibre

Potassium phosphorus

Iron, zinc

Vitamin C, b3,6, 9 folate

protein, slow realease carbohydrate



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