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Pinnochio ...

Don’t treat me like Pinnochio

a wooden doll who has no soul

I have a heart and feelings too but often hidden away from view

Don’t treat me like Pinnochio

whose legs are stiff and do not bend.

They weigh a ton and hamper me from being who I want to be

Don’t treat me like Pinnochio

Who cannot speak or say hello

My voice has got much quieter now

I want to shout but don’t know how


Don’t treat me like Pinnochio

Who’s face is hard with painted grin

I want to smile to show I care

but all you get is just a stare.

Don’t treat me like Pinnochio

Who has no voice his lips are thin

I want to tell you how I feel,

I love you so from deep within

My words are all but muffled now

but inside I am standing tall, speaking loud, addressing all

But on the outside looking in

all you see is an awkward grin

Don’t treat me like Pinnochio who has no heart and has no soul

I see your sadness, feel your pain and want to hold you once again

But as this battle rages on

I find it hard to still be strong

Im sorry that this cannot be for Parkinsons has captured me

I want to laugh and scream and shout but when I try it won’t come out

I see your sense of helplessness

You wonder what to do

You feel afraid you want to cry

You’re struggling so much too

You hide your tears away from me

You’re trying to be strong

This beast has got me by the throat

And he drags you along

If I could take this all away

of course you know I would

I’d smile at you, I’d run and dance

I’d do all that I should


So when you find the goings tough, you can’t go on, you’ve had enough

Please remember me as was

And don’t feel bad because .....

This person who you dearly love

still remains just battle-scarred.

The silence, muffled words and stare

can all appear to say - Don’t care

Unlike Pinnochio I’m real

I can feel and I can see

One day I’m up, one day I’m down

Will today see a smile or today see a frown

Tears seem very active too

I don’t know why I don’t feel blue

I suddenly just fall apart

And show the world my broken heart

I know how hard it is for you and all that you are going through.

You give to me and give some more

With my responses being poor

Your care is such a selfless act

But I am grateful - that’s a fact

To have your love support and care

Enables me to hang in there

The future has no certainty

We do not know what it will be

But like the toy we talked about

We will not scream, we will not shout

We’ll face the future hand in hand

Pretend we walk on golden sand

Together we will soldier on

Facing life - till life is gone.

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