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Last month (September 17) Sarah Webb and The South London Younger Parkinson's Network (SLYPN) launched a new campaign - #Plank4Parkinsons. The campaign challenges people in the UK to hold a plank for one minute, in the hope of raising awareness of the symptoms of Parkinson's. Always up for a challenge I decided to support the campaign by planking everyday in October. Below are some of the highlights so far ... Inspired to join in? check out the SLYPN website in the link above.

Day 1

First attempt at Planking 4 Parkinson's every day through October.

Day 4 UnMedicated

Interesting comparison between day 1 medicated and day 4 without medication

Day 18 Two Minute Plank

Successfully completed Andrew Hobbs challenge to hold a plank for two minutes

Planking 4 Parkinsons at yesterdays Winter Wolf Run



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