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With the launch of the new Parkinsons.Me website we thought we would look to see what else is new. Of particular interest is a report that was published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience in June 2017 entitled Protein-Restricted Diets for Ameliorating Motor Fluctuations in Parkinson's Disease. The report takes an in depth look at the interaction between dietary protein and levodopa discussing why dietary protein can lessen the amount of the drug taken up by the brain, how protein interaction with levodopa only occurs in some people and on average 13 years after the onset of motor symptoms or 8 years after starting levodopa therapy. Also reviewed are studies on the effectiveness of low protein, protein restriction and redistribution of protein diets in reducing motor fluctuations, but noting that protein restricting diets may increase the side effects of drugs including increased dyskinesia and psychosis. Further, the report discusses the impact of protein restriction on nutritional status and weight loss - a concern for many people with Parkinson’s. The authors of the report report conclude that levodopa is more effective taken on an empty stomach and for those with motor fluctuations protein restriction is effective but patients should be monitored for dyskinesia, weight loss and malnutrition.

The full report can be read at

Protein-Restricted Diets for Ameliorating Motor Fluctuations in Parkinson's Disease

Our aim at Parkinsons.Me is to inform and not to advise. Any changes to diet should be discussed with your consultant or dietician.



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