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Preparing for a Wolf Run...

In 2016 entered a pack of wolves in all 4 Wolf Run events and for 2017 the Wolf Run has made their official charity.

Next weekend is the Spring Wolf Run, the first of the year and the wolves will be there on Sunday creating awareness for the charity. This week’s nutrition blog is to support those taking part in the Wolf Run as part of the team. Next week we will feature a tasty recovery meal to come home to.

The Wolf Run is 10 kilometre course with obstacles and mud, lots of mud!. To get round it takes energy, lots of energy!. Adding to the difficulties is that the obstacles and mud make it near on impossible to carry any provisions so it is essential to start the run well fuelled and fully hydrated. There is no need to do a full 3 day carb load but upping intake of carbohydrate the day before and having a large carbohydrate based breakfast on the morning will ensure that you start the run with a full store of glycogen that can be called upon over the event to make energy.

Hydration is also important. Throughout Saturday sip water to ensure you are well hydrated; urine should be close to clear in colour. Dehydration makes exercise feel harder and also reduces concentration which can increase risk of injury.

For dinner Saturday evening have a carbohydrate based meal such as 2 portions of crab pasta or 2 portions of cod pilaf (3 portions for larger men).

Avoid heavy protein and high fat meals as these can cause indigestion.

Sunday morning think about carbs and hydration. You will need a large carbohydrate breakfast, again limit protein and stick to low fat options. For example porridge made with 8 tablespoons of oats (larger men add an extra 3 tablespoons) and a banana PLUS 2 pieces of toast (ideally wholegrain). If this is too much to eat in one go, perhaps eat the toast on the drive up. About an hour before the start of the run top up your glycogen stores with a banana, 4 oatcakes, 6 dried apricots or a sports drink. Sip fluids through the morning.

Immediately after the run you must mend your muscles, reenergise and hydrate – with protein, carbohydrate and water. Eating immediately after the run will reduce muscle pain and fatigue. Whey protein (found in dairy) is optimal . Perhaps take a pint of milk and some Nesquik milkshake powder with you or a smoothie made of milk/yogurt banana and honey. Alternatively enjoy the food available at the Wolf Run remembering to choose something with both protein and carbohydrate.

Do not wait until you are all the way back home to eat.

The weather forecast is currently looking good for next weekend so go eat, enjoy and release your inner wolf.



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