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Work starts on the new garden!

After months of wrangling and paperwork, we have finally gained planning permission for the new Community Garden.

We've now assembled a huge team of volunteers to begin the process of clearing the garden site. You can see from the images above that we've made a good start! Actually, we filled two large skips with weeds and old plastic plantpots after one weekend's work, so the pictures don't actually do the work justice!

What we have realised is just how big and exciting the new site is - it will be great when it is finished!

We're very keen to get more volunteers to help us clear the rest of the site and begin the work of laying out and planting crops.

The next stage is to finalise the design of the new Garden, and then look for funding to pay for professional help with landscaping and the creation of pathways and sitting areas.

It is going to be a busy few months!

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