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Happy reading!

As anyone with young children or grand children will know, last Thursday was World Book Day. This is a day that children who enjoy dressing up look forward to all year round and less creative parents dread. The excitement charged atmosphere in school as children arrive dressed as their favourite character from a book is tangible. I get a similar rush of excitement when I find a cookery book that I like. Characters are replaced by ingredients and the plot by flavours but my measure of a truly good recipe book is how well these have been merged to create a nutritious and balanced meal.

In the theme of World Book Day, this week I am sharing five of my favourite ‘healthy’ cookery books.

The Medicinal Chef, Eat your Way to Better Health by Dale Pinnock.

I love all three of Dale Pinnock’s latest cookbooks but this is my favourite. Dale has a degree in Human Nutrition and a master’s in Nutritional Medicine. With each recipe he provides information on the health benefits such as heart or mental health. My most used recipes from this book are his banana-peanut oat bars and his crostini toppings which are a dinner party staple of mine.

The Breast Cancer Cookbook by Professor Mohammed Keshtgar.

This may seem like an odd choice but it is an excellent cookbook for anyone – breast cancer or no breast cancer. It is packed with tasty recipes high in antioxidants. My favourite recipe from this book is courgette ‘pasta’ with kale, basil and sundried pesto.

Everyday Superfood by Jamie Oliver.

In this cookbook Jamie provides healthy recipes for all occasions but I think what excels most are the breakfast recipes – I have also used these at lunch and dinner time. To me Jamie Oliver is now the perfect combination. There is no questioning that he is a great chef and Jamie now has a degree in Human Nutrition. My favourite recipes here are magic poached egg, smashed avo and seeded toast and the superfood protein loaf. My childrens’ favourite is smoothie pancakes!

Indian Superfood by Gurpareet Bains.

Indian food made healthy! A must for all spice lovers. My favourites are the quick and easy Indian versions of stir fries and spaceman’s quinoa.

Energy bites published by DK.

A mixture of 16 recipes for savory and sweet balls. Ideal for snacks or light meals with salad. My favourites are sweet potato chilli bites and pea green munchers.

Happy reading!



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