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It's Christmas...

🎄It’s Christmas!🎄

After posting my last blog I received so many messages. The love and support from both friends and strangers was heartwarming and unexpected. Thank you for sharing your experiences and trusting me with your thoughts. I’m so hopeful that we can continue a dialogue and travel our journeys together.

I’m sure that your house is very like ours this week. Wrestling with the Christmas tree, “under-pressure” present shopping and over zealous youngsters. My business partner’s daughter can tell you how many hours it is until she can open her presents!

Ewan and I are excited that we have friends and family coming to share Christmas lunch. As an event caterer I’m used to cooking for many, my stress is getting the details right. The table has to look lovely, the drinks need to be chilled and everyone has to have their favourite things to eat.

Ewan has always been my hidden weapon. My friends are very envious of his abilities in the kitchen and dining room!! Being in catering himself he totally understands where I am coming from and not only lays an amazing looking table but has been known to arrange a few flowers when pushed!😀

Increasingly I’m missing the little things that he used to do so effortlessly. He and I need to give a little more time for these jobs and try and keep both of our frustrations under control. It’s amazing how Christmas puts everything under the microscope especially relationships and expectations. We all need to understand that this happens and try not to take it all too seriously.

I’m looking forward to laughing a lot, the best tonic, finding time to catch up with family and friends, the best soul food, and I will definitely be counting my blessings!

I will be posting over the Christmas break and hope that you will be in touch if you need some “time out”! It will soon be a New Year when we can take stock and look forward to new challenges and the next chapter.



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