Jun 9, 2018





Most people I know who are in their 20s and early 30s are always quite left wing. If they are radicals they go in a radically left wing direction. If they are moderate it is always still a sort of centre left disposition. Most are very liberal on social issues and immigration even if they support free market capitalism as well.What makes young people so attracted to social liberalism and mass immigration?


Please help.


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    Mar 30, 2018

    At our monthly gathering on Sunday morning we met with established friends and welcomed new faces. We had a great time and conversation flowed. There was much common ground and shared experiences. All of this is wonderful, however what about the two teenagers who sat quietly and listened. How do we engage with a younger generation about such a 'tricky' subject and understand their feelings and needs? Our aim is to support the whole family and not ignore certain subjects or issues. If PwP's and partners find it so valuable to meet and discuss their needs then we need to find a platform where every family member can air their opinions and concerns.
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    Sep 7, 2017

    Really pleased to have successfully completed AutumnWolf. 7 down and one more to go. But what next? Any suggestions?
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    Sep 7, 2017

    Karen has asked that I post this on her behalf. After new ideas on how you try and disguise your off times from your kids. Mummy to a particular savvy 4 year old.